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I am using the evaluation copy in order to understand if the program can fulfill my requirements. I can easily write a Robot Machining Project and it works fine on the PC but when I generate the robot program I get the errors that you can see in the attachment. Am I doing anything wrong? Is it due to the evaluation copy?

Thank you

Hi there,
can you attach your RDK file?

It will be easier for us to help you on this one.

Hi jeremy,

here it is the file. Thank you Mario

.rdk   Primo.rdk (Size: 1.77 MB / Downloads: 612)
Hi Mario,

Can you send me the NC file you used?
Because I was able to replicate your problem with your station, but as soon as I used another NC file, one that I had from another user, everything worked perfectly.
Considering that I feel like the problem comes from your NC file.
The error message you are receiving says that the variable "pose" part of an external axis is not known by the station, which is completely normal since you don't have an external axis in your station.

Was your NC file generated with an external axis in mind?

Have a good day.
Hi Jeremy, here is the NC file.

I think that the problem is generated by the NACHI post processor because if I change the pp to ABB, Comau, Kuka or whatever there are no error and everything works perfectly.

Thank you

.nc (Size: 212 bytes / Downloads: 623)
Hi Mario,

You are right. There was a small bug with our default Nachi post processor when generating circular movements (G-codes G02 and G03). 

I attached an updated post processor to fix this. To solve the problem you should place the attached file here:
And re-generate the program.

This post will be added by default with our future updates.


Attached Files
.py (Size: 19.21 KB / Downloads: 1,294)
Thank you very much Albert and Jeremy, everything works perfectly now!!!!

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