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NACHi Postprocessor incomplete post


I am following tutorial 1 in the PDF and YouTube video to generate the spray painting program (attached) for a NACHi MZ07L. I selected MainProgram and pressed F6, and it generated a code (attached) name MZ07L-01-A.005. (Noted I have to change the extension in the upload because the website doesn't allow type *.005 format.)

I tried to upload the program on my robot but it won't run. It is calling -01 all the time. I am not sure what is going on.

I also attached a video on the output. I can't upload here because the extension is not allowed, so here is a share link:

You can see the editor isn't working also. I tried to updated and reinstalled the program twice already.


Attached Files
.rdk   NACHi 1.rdk (Size: 1.77 MB / Downloads: 438)
.txt   MZ07L-01-A005.txt (Size: 231 bytes / Downloads: 402)
Hi, @Omoikane.

I'm not a NACHI specialist, but if I recall correctly, NACHI robots require a very strict program naming convention, and they must be the robot model, suceeded by a three or four digit  number. So, In your case, You would have MZ07L-A.0001, MZ07L-A.0002 and so on.

But inside the robot, You can see only the number itself.

I've did a small test here, and renamed the programs, and have this results.



I don't have a robot to try the upload, but I think You must play with the program names to be allowed to upload the program in the robot.

I forgot to mention that NACHI programs in ASCII format have an A appended on its names, so the programs must be named MZ07L-A.0001, MZ07L-A.0002 and so on
Hi massula,

You got it. So after reading your post and dig a little deeper into the robot language, command call, program naming convention, and program numbering, there's a bit of manual name changing in RoboDK to make *.xxx number correctly, and then the main program can call the subprogram.

You help me solved, like, 4 pieces of the puzzle. : )

Nice to know, Omoikane.

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