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NC File
Hello guys.
I am trying to make a milling operation on Robo DK. I have already made some small projects, but i think i am using some kind of not supporter format of nc code. 
I am using the program Creo Parametric 3.0 and the files types that it can produce is .ncl and .tap.
Robo DK is not able to read properly .ncl files, but if i copy the code of the .ncl file on an existing .nc file it works, but with some issues. Robo DK can recognize the path of the straight lines and it can tilt the tool for the forth and fifth axis but on circular moves for some reason is not able to recognize properly the right angle of the move and most of the times it makes hole circles rather than a curve. 
On the other hand when i am using .tap file, Robo DK recognizes circular moves perfectly. But with .tap files when there is a move on the forth or fifth axis, Robo DK stops to make linear moves and it only tilts the tool. 
I am gonna attach some pictures of the path with .nc file and with .tap files furthermore i am gonna attach the files that i am using. 
I believe it would be a solution if i could modify creo's post possessor, if you could tell me exactly the type of code that it needs.
Thank you.

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I recommend you to activate the following option in RoboDK:
Tools->Options->CAM->Invert APT circles automatically
Then, load your APT/NC file. It should load properly. The problem with the circles in APT format is that some CAM software invert the sense of rotation (opposite to the standard).

Also, I recommend you to update RoboDK to the latest version as drilling with CYCLE / DEEP was not being taken into account properly in previous versions.


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