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Need Movej instead of MoveabsJ

hi, for this example I take the robodk example of polygon. 
you can see the scripts in robodk example with name movepolygon.
in here "robot.MoveJ(target_pose)" is used to create a point in which robot will follow. 

but when I generate the robot code, 
MoveAbsJ [[0.000000,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000,-0.000000],[9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09]],v500,z1,t \WObj:=w;

now my question is, how can I bring MoveJ instead of moveabsJ ??
changing from ctrl+find and replacing absJ to J does not work. 
is there any way to bring moveJ not moveabsJ??
Yes, this is possible. I attached a post processor to do so. Let us know if you have any issues. You can replace it for the default post processor.

You'll find a variable called MOVEJ_AS_MOVEABSJ that allows you to configure this behavior.


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