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Need help in controlling robot orientation in grinding application.

Hi Guys,
I'm new to the Robotic programming field and need help and guidance in how to do the programming for my task. I have a task of grinding a knee femoral using Fanuc Robot.

Currently I have done the CAM-to-Path using Siemens NX for the 5-axis G-Code and RoboDK for the robot programming. But we are facing a issue where the robot arm turns 180deg around in the middle of a line, which would cause collision in the real world setup. And we are not able to force the arm to stay in the same orientation to complete the line using RoboDK.

I'm using Robot machining project in RoboDK and the configuration is "Robot holds object". And I've tried setting path to tool offset but it is not solving the issue.

I'm also linking few youtube videos so you can get a better idea of the task we are trying to achieve.

I'm attaching a video to show the issue I'm facing right now.

.mp4   Current rotation issue video.mp4 (Size: 2.2 MB / Downloads: 192)

As I don't have access to your station I will give you my best guess.

This is most likely caused by a joint limit and RDK joint limit avoidance feature.
If you open your Robot Machining Project (RMP), you will see a "Optimisation parameters". This feature is very cool but does not fit all applications. In this case, it's counterproductive.
So enter "0" instead of the "180".

Now update the RMP. It should give you a red X. If it does not, refers to solution #2.
Press simulate and run the simulation to the "end" (a portion of the complete program in fact).
Open the robot panel to look at the joint values. One should be near a limit.
You can try to use another starting configuration using the RMP "Joint for starting point".
Or you can change the way you pick the part.

Bring your robot to the preferred starting point and press "teach" in the RMP.

If none of these works, please attach the station so that I can take a look. You can remove any sensitive information, the path and robot are pretty much the only things I care about.

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