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New Hanwha (HCR) controller post


We have a customer who have a New Hanwha Robot with the latest controller.
We test it with the HCRpost-procesor but it's full different. (The get the infomrmation from the Robot reseller the now controller can't load old files.)
Is there any post-processor for the new version Hanwha?

Best Regards,


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Hi Tibi,

I don't think we are aware of that new controller version.
I personally have no experience with the HRC robots, but it's possible to create a new post-processor for this new version.
Hard to say how long it can take, it depends on how different this new post-processor will be compared to the old one.

Do you have a "demo program" that you could send us? By that I mean a program with basic commands included, like MoveJ, MoveL, MoveC, setOutput, waitInput, Pause, setTCP, setFrame.
And the user/programming manual?


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