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New Robot/Mechanism Creation

I have been trying to create a new Robot in ROBODK. The problems I have faced so far:

1) I did drag and drop my STP files, it was fine and the model was shown. When I did it again in new station, ROBODK doesn't show the model any more. Why?

2) I have followed the Create Mechanism/Robot wizard and followed the instruction for inputting the robot D_H parameter, but the location of the coordinate system doesn't seem to be right? Not sure what I am missing.
See the file attached below. Any comment?

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Hi there,

Take a look at this video starting from 10:45

I believe your problem comes from the fact that (1) you do not have any base reference frame selected in your wizard or (2) the selected reference frame is not well positioned in the station.

Have a great day.

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