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New kinematics - some user specific device

Is it possible to define own kinematics for the specific device (not a robot)? How to do it ?
There are several types of ready-made kinematic chains in RoboDK.
You can find this tool in Utilities ->Model Mechanism or Robot. 
Are our templates right for you?

I would like to define my own kinematics for the device which is not a part of ROBO - DK. Is it possible ?
You can model your own kinematics, but the result might not be usable with many of our features.

You can take a look at this example where we copy the DH table from a robot and apply it to an "unlinked" robot:

A lot of users have also been successful creating custom mechanisms by combining our template mechanisms with a parent child relationship e.g. putting the base of a mechanism in the flange of another one.

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