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No public property 'TIMEOUT' for class 'Robolink error with MoveL()
Hello, I have a Matlab script controlling RoboDK station (attached). I want to use robot.MoveL() function to move to target called '44'. But I am getting an error "No public property 'TIMEOUT' for class 'Robolink'."
Here is my code:
%RoboDK inititalization
RDK = Robolink;

path = RDK.getParam('PATH_LIBRARY');
fprintf('Available items in the station:\n');
robot = RDK.Item('UR5e');
tool = RDK.Item('RobotiQ 2F85');
fprintf('Robot selected:\t%s\n', robot.Name());
frameref = robot.Parent();
fprintf('Robot reference selected:\t%s\n', frameref.Name());
object = RDK.Item('base');
fprintf('Object selected:\t%s\n', object.Name());

targetMap = [3,3];
valueRow = targetMap(1);
valueColumn = targetMap(2);
home = RDK.Item('44');
while robot.Busy()
   fprintf('Waiting for the robot to finish...\n');

Here is my Command window log with error mesages:
>> analysis_test
Robot selected: UR5e
Robot reference selected: UR5e Base
Object selected: UR5e Base
No public property 'TIMEOUT' for class 'Robolink'.

Error in RobolinkItem/WaitMove (line 706)

Error in Robolink/moveX (line 272)
           itemrobot.WaitMove();% checks connection

Error in RobolinkItem/MoveL (line 578)

Error in analysis_test (line 20)

Attached Files
.rdk   robot_station7x7.rdk (Size: 3.51 MB / Downloads: 232)
Can you make sure you are running the latest version of Robolink and RobolinkItem?
You should find the latest version here:

Also, make sure you don't have previous versions of these files in the path.

If you still have issues: What version of Matlab are you using?

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