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Not all normals are being recalculated on curved surface

I'm currently working on generating a curve follow project on a curved surface. Using Python and RoboDK's API, my program works as follows:

1. Generate points for the path
2. Create a curve from those points
3. Project the curve onto a surface
4. Create a curve follow project

The surface I am working with is curved, so I am using projection type PROJECT_ALONG_NORMAL_RECALC. However, I noticed that the normals are not all being recalculated accordingly. Instead, sections of the curved surface are being defined as having the same normal. This is causing my tool to not follow the path smoothly along the curved surface (when moving from one area to another, the tool adjusts itself to conform to the new normal in an abrupt manner since the normals are not being recalculated for each individual point.)

I am unsure how to resolve this normality problem I am having. Any tips or advice on how I can proceed is greatly appreciated!
Can you share a sample project that shows this issue?

You may have 2 surfaces very close to each other and in an edge case you may get inconsistent results.
Here is a sample project simulation displaying the issue:

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.mp4   SampleProject.mp4 (Size: 17.27 MB / Downloads: 384)
I would recommend you to reload the 3D model using better linear accuracy.

You can try this:
  1. Select Tools-Options-CAD
  2. Set Linear accuracy of the surface (mm) to 0.1 mm instead of 1 mm
  3. Reload the part
  4. Update the projection
Thank you, Albert! I did just that and it resolved the issue.

I appreciate your help!

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