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Not being able to save multiple robots.


I am just starting out learning RoboDK and was hoping to use it to create cell designs and test them.
The company I work for has a professional license. When reading the pricing scale it says that it allows you to simulate multiple robots but it does not say you can not save a project with multiple robots in it.

This is the error I receive

It seems strange that you need to have maintenance to save a project after purchasing a full license. Nothing on the FAQ regarding the maintenance says that the software itself becomes limited in any way, you just lose access to the most current update, or am I missing something?

Hi Sean,

That means you (or someone else) updated RoboDK outside of the maintenance period.
If you do so, your license won't be valid with this version of RoboDK, preventing you from saving multiple robots.

You can reverse back to a version released between the time you purchased the license and the end of the included maintenance (1 year).

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