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I want to use RoboDK OPC UA to communicate with PLC to make a simulation. For example use the PLC to rotate the component and use robot in RoboDK to weld the component. In other words: Make robot and PLC communicate in the simulation. Could you make a youtube tutorial on how to use the OPC UA from RoboDK and communcate with a PLC program? For example Omron Cx-one program?

Best Regards Kari
Hi Kari,

I recommend you to activate the OPC-UA plugin:
  1. Select Tools-Plug-Ins
  2. Select Load Plug-In
  3. Select OPC-UA
More information here:

If you use software that can interact with OPC-UA protocol (such as UaExpert) you'll be able to see the default parameters set by RoboDK. RoboDK can work as a server and as a client. If you want RoboDK to work as a client you may need to customize the plugin with some coding (GitHub link).

You can also customize integration using our API.


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