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Offset to path


how can I set a constant offset to curved edge ? I have done a milling program but now the tool center follows the edge as shown in the picture and I would like to move it 5mm inward. Path to tool offset doesn`t work in this situation because the path isn`t straight. Thanks in advance!

Hi ophakala,

Are you using a CAD program to generate your curves or selecting edges in RoboDK? 

The simpliest way is the make the curve 5mm smaller in the CAD program before importing it to RoboDK.


Thanks for your reply, I have done this with Curve follow project and I solved this issue later as you suggested.

Okay, I have another question regarding to this. The edge I have selected is made by modeling a pipe through that hole inside the bigger pipe and then setting an offset to that.
So is there a better way to maintain the tool angle like this?

I read somewhere that setting "Allow tool Z rotation" to zero would help but it didn`t in this situation.
Hi ophakala,

In the "Curve Follow Project" settings, you can modify the "Path to tool offset" script and apply an angular or cartesian offset to the tool. 

The "Allow tool rotation" only affect how the tool follow the curve in its z axis. 


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