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Old RoboDK license version check and download


I am a student in Seoul National University. I was told that we purchased an educational version couple of years ago. I do have the license number for it but it says it is expired in the current version 4.2. I do not know the specific version when our school bought the license. Is there any way to check the version of the license? Also, as I know, roboDK license is permanent so even if I did not pay for the maintenance fee, the license should be valid for the specific version. Is this right?  Thank you in advanced.
Hi Sungjin,

You can check which version you can download by looking at the release notes here :
(1 year after you purchased RDK)

You can download any version of RoboDK by simply modifying the URL of the download link from our website.
(Right-click the download button, copy URL and modify it with the right version number.)

Have a great day.

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