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Omnicore C30+ ABB CRB 15000 connection in robodk

I am interested in comprehending the compatibility between RoboDK and the Omnicore C30+ ABB CRB 15000 controller. Our primary objective is to establish seamless interfacing between the Omnicore C30+ CRB 15000 controller and RoboDK. We would highly appreciate it if you could furnish information regarding the compatibility of RoboDK with this specific controller. Moreover, your guidance on any specific requirements or steps essential for a successful integration would be invaluable. Specifically, we are seeking clarification on the following:
1)     What is the process for connecting to the controller?
2)     Are there any specific code requirements that need to be uploaded to the robot controller, serving as a translator?
3)     Is there a comprehensive guide outlining all the necessary steps for a successful integration?
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
The default post processor for ABB robots (ABB RAPID IRC5) should work with ABB Omnicore controllers. The ABB Omnicore controller is a compact version of the previous ABB IRC5 controller and it should be backwards compatible.

You can find more information about how to load programs generated using RoboDK to an ABB controller here:

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