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Online programming "Waiting DI[10] = 1.0 not implemented" Mitsubishi

I'm running on a robot Mitsubishi RV-7FL-D a program in online programming but I can not access to the Digital Inputs, I can access without problem to the Digital Outputs. I get the following error trying to access to a Digital Input

Warning: Waiting DI[10] = 1.0 not implemented

I thought that the problem was that the M_In was not defined in the Mitsubishi Postprocessor  and I add the function


But the warning Warning: Waiting DI[10] = 1.0 not implemented continue appearing and I still can't access the the Digital Inputs

Thanks for your attention.

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Dear Hector! Thanks for this point.

The 'Waiting DI' instruction is implemented in the Mitsubishi postprocessor. You can check this by generating a program.
The problem you described is related to the robot driver that allows the RoboDK and the robot controller to communicate. 
We will check this problem on our side and fix it in future releases of RoboDK.

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