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Open item form settings using the API

Hi everyone, I need to programmatically run a RoboDK plugin from my c++ code.
In particular, I need to open the window plugin up as if I clicked on it on the GUI. Is it possible to do it somehow?
You can load a plugin by using one of these two methods:
  • Use the PluginLoad command:
    RDK.Command("PluginLoad", "dll name-without extension")
    You can also use PluginUnload to remove a plugin or PluginReload to reload it.
  • Use RDK.AddFile("full path of your DLL")
    The path of the DLL should include the extension.
These commands work through the RoboDK API, the plugin interface and the command line.
I think I wasn't clear enough, sorry...
I'm working on the Palletizing routine. In the plugin I'm developing I need to do some preliminary actions before running RoboDK palletizing Plugin. So, I created a button that does these actions and at a certain point in my function I want the Palletizing Panel to show up.
In other words I want to trigger the same event that happens when I double click on the "Palletizing Settings" in my RoboDK tree.
You can provoke the double click effect on an item via the API by triggering this action:
item.setParam("Action", "Doubleclick")

This assumes you have the palletizing plugin enabled.

Also, you should be able to open or close a form linked to an item by triggering this actions respectively:
# Open the form:
item.setParam("Form", "Open")
# ...
# Close the form
item.setParam("Form", "Close")
However, this may not work with items that rely on plugins.

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