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Opening Select Curve window in API

I'm trying to create a function that will allow the User to open the Select Curve window with a click of a button.
The problem is that after clicking the button, the Select Curve window does not show up but the prompt/message to 'Select one or more curves, then select ESC when done' appears and the User is unable to select/create any curves.

Right now I am using these commands to start the Select Curve process:

IItem project = MachineMasterModel.Modeller.AddMachiningProject();
project.SetParam("Form", "Open");
project.SetParam("Milling", "1");
project.SetParam("Action", "Select");
You should use the parameter MillingType instead of Milling to set your machining project as a curve follow project. I recommend you to trigger the opening of the form as a second step. Example:
project = RDK.AddMachiningProject()
project.setParam("MillingType", "1")
project.setParam("Form", "Open")
project.setParam("Action", "Select")
Also, we fixed a bug to make sure this works properly, make sure you take the latest version of RoboDK (Windows, Mac and Linux versions have been updated).
Thanks Albert, the solution worked!

Can I also ask is it possible to toggle the 'Curve Selection' and 'Point Selection' panels on and off through the API and also use their options through the API.
For example, using the Reset Selection button in the Curve Selection panel or toggle snapping in the Point Selection panel.

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