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Operate on a moving part application

Hello ✋

I'm currently working on a simulation where a robot makes quality control by camera over a moving part carried out by an AGV. Each control takes around 2 seconds. ? How can I keep the robot position during 2sec over the moving part ? My program works but when I had a wait instruction, of course the robot stop to synchonise it position with the AGV...

Thank you ?
I tried to use a WHILE instruction, but I don't understand why it not works.

Example :

WHILE 1 == 1
MoveL (target 1)
MoveL (target 2)

Normaly the program pointer should always stay on MoveL (target 1) instruction, but it goes always to the next step !!!
I downloaded some program examples with IF and WHILE instruction ant they work very well... ?
I found the solution to use WHILE instruction...
Go to : TOOLS > OPTIONS > STATION > Enable flow statement ?
If you don't activate the "Enable flow statement", IF and WHILE don't work.

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