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Overlap Real Program in RoboDK

Hello guys, 
i need your help :)

I have an existing program extracted directly from a Kuka Kr10 controller and i need to insert that program in RoboDK software.

after drag and drop (the orig prog in roboDk) i saw that  is with impossible  to work bcs i've got a full list with errors, the trajectory are not matched and the program is empty, it contain only a few paragraphs but without paths.

I attached a photo with only one code line example.

can you please provide me an advice how can i fix that or whats the right ?

p.s. i created another account, for my previous i tried to reset the password but i dont receive the email for that.
Hi Alex,

Can you provide the SRC file you are trying to load?

Importing a KUKA SRC file in RoboDK will work if you have targets inlined or in a DAT file. Also, RoboDK will mostly extract the robot movements, speed changes and function calls. The rest will be left as raw code input.

If your goal is to keep importing/exporting code iteratively it would be best if you create a new post processor with no header.


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