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            problem with post processor 

I am working with one MOTOMAN robot.

I have changed the post processor as suggested, but i am receiving an error:

'Robotpost' object has found no attribute 'SPEED_MMS"

whats is wrong?
Hi 2m3d,

It seems like you are not giving speed value to the post processor.

Does the GCode you used for your 3D printing project contain speed instructions?

Have a good day.
Hello Jeremy
Thanks for the answer.
But i have speeds set  on the slicer and there are speed instruction on the robot DK program.

Please see the attached

The speed could be wrong but they are there

can it be just a problem of positioning the changes on the post processor?

where exactly should i copy the instructions that must be before the MOVL instruction

I have put it right before the MOVL instruction 

please see the attached

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