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From the documentation:
GetPoints(feature_type=1, feature_id=0)
Retrieves the point under the mouse cursor, a curve or the 3D points of an object. The points are provided in [XYZijk] format in relative coordinates. The XYZ are the local point coordinate and ijk is the normal of the surface.

feature_type (int) – set to FEATURE_SURFACE to retrieve the point under the mouse cursor, FEATURE_CURVE to retrieve the list of points for that wire, or FEATURE_POINT to retrieve the list of points.

feature_id (int) – used only if FEATURE_CURVE is specified, it allows retrieving the appropriate curve id of an object

List of points

From the actual `.py` file:
def GetPoints(self, feature_type=FEATURE_HOVER_OBJECT_MESH)
if feature_type < FEATURE_HOVER_OBJECT_MESH:
           raise Exception("Invalid feature type, use FEATURE_HOVER_OBJECT_MESH, FEATURE_HOVER_OBJECT or equivalent")

The API documentation allows the use of `FEATURE_CURVE` and `FEATURE_POINTS`, but the actual code prevents this. Additionally, the actual code takes only one argument, disallowing the `feature_id` parameter that the API documentation specifies.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

Python 3.11.1
RoboDK 5.4.3
Windows 10 Pro
One definition of GetPoints is global and returns the the selected object (Robolink) and the other definition of GetPoints applies to one specific object (Item).

I recommend you to take a look at the example you can find in the Item GetPoints:
Thanks, Albert! That solved my problem.

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