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Panasonic G3 CSR - post processor problem


I have a problem with the post-processor generating a CSR file from the manual. Namely, I choose the "Panasonic G3 CSR" post-processor and I get the error attachment. 
What could be caused by this and how to fix it to obtain *.CSR file for Panasonic TM-1400 robot?
Below I have also added the simple program that I want to generate.
It's probably about a turntable that gives an additional value in the line, but then how can you generate a program with a turntable?

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.rdk   SimplePath.rdk (Size: 1.01 MB / Downloads: 245)
Hi Barket,

Looks like our Panasonic post-processor doesn't handle external axes. Seems like no one asked for it before.
If you own a professional version of RoboDK, you can select "Help"->"Request support" and we will be happy to improve our post-processor to support your setup.

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel


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