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Pick and Place clipping system

Hello Everyone , I'm Fadhel and I'm new on Robodk, I'm Working on a Pick and Place, Clipping System ( KUKA KR10 R900 ). 
I learned alot in couple days with your youtube channel and I want thank your guys for it. 
Now I'm Facing a two problems : 

- The First Problem ( PickandPlace ) : I'm using two finger grippers and I'm finding an issue at sychronizing the gripper at close and open position at the picking. The problem is I'm calling the code of closing the jaws  after picking the covers, so when I call the code before picking them , it doesn't pick the covers, it picks the conveyor or the pallet. 
ps : the simulation works fine when I keep the calling code after picking the covers. 

- Second problem is I want to clip ( Assembe the covers and the housings ) and I Didn't Knew how to do that ! 

I hope you can help me guys, thanks

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Since its a simulation, for the first problem, you can call the code after picking (what is working right now). You can add a delay as well. I am assuming that you are using Attach Object to pick?
If not, can you send us your station so that I can take a closer look?

Can you elaborate on your second issue?

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