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Pick and Place engine piston

Good afternoon, dears, I am going to simulate pick and place engine piston, However I cannot attach and detach my piston into my URe5 robot gripper.
Can you guide me how to make this pick and place simulation?
I am attaching my robodk file to see the layout.

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.rdk   GM assembly.rdk (Size: 3.03 MB / Downloads: 151)
Hi Ikrom,

I recommend you watching this video:

The default behavior of the attach function is to pick the object with the smallest distance of the objects zero-point to the TCP. There is also an option for the maximum distance under Tools - Options - Station as well as in the instruction itself when you modify it.
Your pistons zero-point is under the table and has probably a greater distance than the 200 mm in your station. Either change the zero-point of your model or choose the TCP vs. Object surface method in the attach options.
Hi sir
Thanks for your answer, it was helpuf and I fixed my problem

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