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Pick and Place with payload boxes

Hello to everyone, 
I would like to simulate a simple pick and place application for palletizing. To get the most realistic simulation possible I would add the payload boxes. Is that possible?
Yes, it's possible!

You can import: 

Take a look at the related documentation topic, please:
Import 3D Objects

Also, you can check our online library:
Boxes and other 3D objects
Sample palletizing stations
Palletizing Add-in
Thank you Sergei for your reply. I have another question: I usually import a stp file created by CAD (I don't create it beacuse I'm not a mechanical designer) with the box. The box could weigh 1 kg or 10 kg, so this is affects the performance of the robot , so, when I imported the stp file, could I choose the weight of the box? Or is the weight already considered?
RoboDK does not simulate or compensate payload.
(04-11-2023, 01:14 PM)Sergei Wrote: RoboDK does not simulate or compensate payload.


This seems like a huge downside? Not having the ability to specify the mass, position of center of mass and moment of inertia? Why is this not implemented?

kind regards
You can provide custom commands using the insert code instruction to update the center of gravity, inertia and mass.

However, it is better to customize this with your post processor with certain triggers. For example, when you change the tool, you can intercept this with your post processor and update the tool parameters accordingly.

Example for Universal Robots:
    def setTool(self, pose, tool_id=None, tool_name=None):
        """Change the robot TCP"""
        self.addline('set_tcp(%s)' % pose_2_str(pose))
        if 'Tool 1' in tool_name:
            self.addline('set_payload(1.4, [-0.1181, -0.1181, 0.03])')
Also, as a quick correction from Sergei's last post: RoboDK can compensate the effect of tool weight if you calibrated the robot using RoboDK.

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