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Pick and Place with payload boxes
Hello to everyone, 
I would like to simulate a simple pick and place application for palletizing. To get the most realistic simulation possible I would add the payload boxes. Is that possible?
Yes, it's possible!

You can import: 

Take a look at the related documentation topic, please:
Import 3D Objects

Also, you can check our online library:
Boxes and other 3D objects
Sample palletizing stations
Palletizing Add-in
Thank you Sergei for your reply. I have another question: I usually import a stp file created by CAD (I don't create it beacuse I'm not a mechanical designer) with the box. The box could weigh 1 kg or 10 kg, so this is affects the performance of the robot , so, when I imported the stp file, could I choose the weight of the box? Or is the weight already considered?
RoboDK does not simulate or compensate payload.

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