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Pick and palce Dynamically

I want a suggestion to execute the program ie.
 I have a storage rack with different types of products Boxes with different dimensions (small, medium, large)arranged on it.
 I want the robot to perform a pick-and-place operation(items are coming on a conveyor and the robot is attached to a linear rail with horizontal)
 but thing is that the items which are placed on a storage rack are linked with the database(updated into DB ie. Mysql or can say company's database).
 If any changes are made on a Storage rack will be affected on the database. If the robot performs pick and place then it should be updated in the database as well. If i have selected the item(Box) from DB and sent the items list to Robot to pick and place.

could you please guide me to execute the project please .

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Are you familiar with how to read and query MySQL databases?

This requires writing a script to retrieve the information about how your objects are placed. For example, you can use python to perform MySQL queries:

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