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Please help with Educational Licenses Bundle


We have received last year (at University Politehnica of Bucharest) a bundle of 30 educational licenses. Some of the students need to finish their projects in RDK but they cannot access the licenses anymore because all 30 of 30 are in use (some who used their personal computers forgot to deactivate the licenses from their PC's). 

Is there any possibility to deactivate them all ? (or not to bother you with this issue again, can I do that?). I would like to deactivate them all at the end of a school day because it is very difficult for me to contact the students and ask them to deactivate their licenses personally.

I have already contacted Danielle and Flore on mail but I didn't received any response and it is quite urgent due to the fact that it is the last week of the semester and the students have to upload their final projects for grading.

Sorry to be this insistent, but as I am typing I am receiving messages from the students that they want to connect but they cant.

Many thanks in advance,
Cozmin (lecturer dep. Robotics, FIIR-UPB)

I sent you an email.


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