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Plug-in Solidwork

when RoboDK was in Solidwork, auto setup had a problem "Setting up 'Curve follow project' not completed: Can't simulate or generate programs because the robot can't reach the start point"

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Hi RyZuu,

I hope you are well.
This message is not the end of the world, it simply means that using the Curve Follow Project default parameters and the actual layout of your station, the path is not achievable.
Regardless of the warning, the plugin should still import the curves to RoboDK.
Back to RoboDK, you can apply the needed adjustment to the Curve Follow Project parameters, for example, the tool orientation.

You can also avoid triggering that warning by changing the SolidWorks plugin settings.
"Program Update Level" -> "Update Program"

Have a great day.
Thanks so much, I will try

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