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Plugin only works on one RoboDK machine


I am editing a plugin in the QT creator environment but I am having an issue with the dll build. I can build the dll file for the latest version of RoboDK on my windows machine, which is installed in the default C folder. The plugin then functions properly. However, when I try to move the dll file to a different computer, the plugin does not load. 

I am using QT 5.15 (msvc2019_64) and RoboDK version 5.4.2.
Are you using the same RoboDK version on both computers?

Make sure the Qt DLL's and RoboDK binaries are compatible.

You may also have to unblock the DLL if you transfer the DLL file through the internet:
  1. Right click the DLL
  2. Select Properties
  3. Check Unblock

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