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Point Follow project
How do I use a Point follow project. I add my STEP model but it does not allow me to select any points. Do I need to do anything to the model to be able to select points?
Hi VCC Andy,

What CAD software did you use to create your part?

I don't know. The model is supplied by the customer. What do I need to be able to use the Point Follow Project?
Ok, the easiest way to use the "Point Follow Project" is by using one of our CAD plugins (SolidWork and Rhino 3D available for the moment.)
If you have one of those available, follow this link :, starting at 10:10, I talk about the follow curve project. 

Another method is to make sure that these points are part of the CAD part and import using this option : Tools -> Options


If the CAD part was built properly, you should be able to use the "Point Follow Project" button "Select Point".
I have Inventor 2018 that I can use to modify the model. Do I just need to add points and then save then save it. What format do I need to save in?

I tried to create my own model from scratch in Inventor and even added feature points before saving it as a STEP but still cannot select any points once in RobotDK. I made sure that the options are set correctly. What do I need to do to make a model and be able to select points?
I'll need to do some testing on my side before giving you a final answer.
Can you send me the model you made yourself? 

By the way, we are currently working on our plugin for Autodesk Inventor and Fusion 360. Those should be available in a few weeks and the problem we are trying to fix will be gone. 

I will send you a email with the file I made.

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