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Possible Issue with G81 Drill-Cycle-Depth in Fusion360

Hey Guys,

I've come across a potential issue where the depth of G81 drilling-cycles is not translated correctly. I tried to narrow it down and there seems to be a problem with the fusion360 integration. I compared the .apt file that is generated and then loaded to RoboDK with one I created with the "Generative Machining APT"-Post in fusion.

The following program should drill from height 18mm to height 15mm, so 3mm deep. The first version is correct and in accordance to the ASCII Generative Machining Standard, however, as far as I can tell, the second version is not, because the GOTO-point is already at the bottom of the final hole. 

Generative Machining APT:
CYCLE/DRILL, 3, MMPM, 333.3, 103, RAPTO, 50
GOTO/130, 1830, 18

RoboDK-integration APT:
CYCLE/DRILL, 3., MMPM, 333.333344, 118., RAPTO, 50.
FEDRAT/333.333344, MMPM
GOTO/130., 1830., 15.

Maybe I am missing something..
Interesting finding.
Can you provide a Fusion file so that we can test it?

In the meantime you can simply generate the APT from Fusion and load it directly in RDK, it should work.

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.. Yes, no problem, I can change the height in RDK as well. I've attached the fusion-file as requested. 

Fusion-Integration APT:
CYCLE/DRILL, 3., MMPM, 333.333344, 23.
FEDRAT/333.333344, MMPM
GOTO/25., 25., 15.

Generative Machining APT:
CYCLE/DRILL, 3, MMPM, 333.3, 8
GOTO/25, 25, 18

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