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Post Processing Problem with IRB120 - ABB

Hi guys,

I am trying to generate the RAPID program of a simple machining to test this RoboDK module and once everything is done, when generating the program I get this error (see image)

Could you help me to solve it?

Thank you very much in advance;)

It looks like the program was generated successfully. Can you confirm?

This error may be related to a specific version of Python. Did you install RoboDK with Python? What settings do you see in Tools-Options-Python ?
True Albert.

It has been generated correctly, but I remember having exported other times with ABB or UR post processor and not having this message.

The version of Python that I have entered in options:

C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio/Shared/Python37_64/python

Moltes gràcies!
Since you use that Python version specific to Visual studio, the error/warning message you see is probably coming from that specific version.

You can follow these steps to solve this issue:
  1. Run this Python installer (or any other official Python installer):
    You can optionally install in this location (automatically detected by RoboDK):
  2. Open RoboDK
  3. Select Tools-Options
  4. Select the Python tab
  5. Enter the path to the Python interpreter. It should be here:
You can also use any other python version installed from the official Python website, installed on the computer or to your user name. You can then specify the full path to the Python interpreter. For example, for Python 3.10 it would be:


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