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Post Processor Adaption Nachi AX FD

Hi all,

I have made some changes in the Postprocessor.
Now my question is if every Robot Model of Nachi has the same type of functionnaming
I've got a MZ12-01 with a CFD-Controller

Changes I made
The Robotprogramname normally  was "MZ12-01-01-A.005"
Change to generate a program in Nachi-Software "MZ12-01.005"

Line 115
self.BASE_PROGNAME = robotnamelist[1] + ''     #
#Before                                            ... + '-01-A'

When calling Subprogram(s) the squaret brackets interfere with the Nachi-Software
Should be 
CALLP XX instead of CALLP [XX]

Line 173
mainprog += 'CALLP %03i\n' % (self.PROG_ID+i+1)
#Before ...+='CALLP [%03i]\n'

I would like to know if these are general issues at the Nachi PP or just for my robot-model 
Programming isn't my strenght... maybe there are some better solutions.

Another thing I would like to change is the numeration of the called subprograms
The Programs start with .005 (always main)
Think it refers to Line 58 

Because I have to generate up to 20 programs at once, I have to change all programnumbers in the main and the programnamenumber... 
My idea would be like this example:
'generate robot program as...'

MZ12-01.XX     #For XX type a number (Main Prog)
                      # Calling X+n subprograms

hope my idea is goodwhat I fall down on is implementing it...


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