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Post-Processor CRP Controller

Dear Sir, 

I need to support writing post-processor for CRP controller. I have prepared job's fomat and 3D CAD body of CRP.
I look forward for your reply.
Thank you so much!

Phuong Nguyen.
Hi there,

Now you need to figure out what CRP controller expect as a "Header" for the code, same for MoveJ and MoveL.
Once you've found that information, you can open an already existing post processor, for example the one for the ABB IRC5, and adapt the "header" and move parts. Also, don't forget to change the extension of the created file in the "save" section of the post processor, this way you will create the right file type for your controller.

You can take a look at this section of the online documentation to get started with post-processor modifications.

Have a great day.
Dear Jeremy,

Thank you for supporting me. I will follow your suggestions.

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