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Post processor Dobot CR


I have problems with Post processor, for Dobot robot I get following error. Is there any suggestions what is wrong with this post processor?

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This issue should have been fixed with the latest version. Can you try updating RoboDK?

You may find this issue when trying to send the program to the robot automatically (this is currently not supported for Dobot CR robots).
I have version v5.5.4 and and have this problem. So my opinion is, there is another problem.
Are you using Windows? If so, you should update RoboDK again even if it is the same version 5.4.4:

We recently improved the post processor for Dobot CR (within version 5.4.4). If you have issues it should be a different issue because the Dobot Path DLL variable is not used.
Yes I'm using windows. But I have tried on diffrent computers with last version and have the same problem. It looks like there is still problem with dobot cr postprocesor. For dobot magician works.

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