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Predeclare targets as variables in RAPID?

I was wondering if there was a way to get the post-processor to predeclare the targets when it generates RAPID code for IRC5. I need to import them from RAPID into the station in RobotStudio, and it won't let me do that if each point is declared inline. Am I missing something?

Hi RandoRoboto,

Funny you ask as this is a new feature we added at the beginning of the week.
It's still in beta, but it's there.
The only problem is that we have to modify all the post-processor one by one to deal with the new option.
Are you using the standard "IRC5" post-processor? If so I may be able to prioritize this one in particular.

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Hi Jeremy, thanks for your quick response. Yes, I'm using the IRC5 post-processor -- the one that shows up near the top of the list, not the one with the white icon farther down. Glad to hear it's in the works! Looking forward to it.


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