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Probing routine with Fanuc CRX, probe and F'T sensor

I'm trying to create a probing routine using a fanuc CRX10 with a touch probe and F/T sensor. I want to basically teach a target, move the robot along the Y axis of the world coordinate system, stop when the I/O from the F/T sensor is triggered and jump to the next target. Anyone ever tried this in RoboDK before?
Here is one way to do it

Do you  have the touch sensor option from Fanuc? You can just do a touch search and it will do it just under the touch sensing just need to map the I/O to which DI (number) and where the signal comes EthernetIP, hardwire etc. Then when you have that figured out you just  set a PR() for the targets as the starting points and speed.  Then when that Di is triggers just  save the positional data as a PR ().

Careful not to have the speed set too fast
We've got that figured out, but how do I go about calling the touch search from RoboDK? Also can I set PR's from Robodk? I'm a UR guy so the Fanuc stuff is pretty new to me.
I guess it depends on how many points you are using. If its only a few points then switch it in the controller but if its a lot just rewrite the post to output PR instead of points then use a program call to call that subprogram. Set the touch schedule in the data function to which PR the data is saved under then in your main program just call that PR the data is saved under.

Probably easier faster ways to do this but its just how I would do it.

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