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Problem: Program Run Trapped at Call Program Instruction


I would like to share my problem. Is there anyone to answer?

Work purpose:
Real-time ("Run on Robot") On/Off control of a GP12 digital output 

Setting and operation:
Robot - Motoman GP12
Controller - YRC 1000 micro
RoboDK: Latest version
Online Connect: TCP/IP
Driver: MotomanHSE


To set I/O in my RoboDK program, I referred to the Phillip's advice from the following post:

I created a new .JBI job on the YRC side ("01-IO") so that RoboDK triggers that sub program for a while.


RoboDK successfully executed the job file in YRC 1000 by program call instruction. 
However, once having completed the subprogram job (one time), my main RoboDK program running stayed trapped in there, not moving forward to the next command line. 

It appears like looping the (external) controller-side sub program with no ending. Do I need to check a robot driver or anything else? It's probably because the robot controller does not send any effective job finish signal to RoboDK (or RoboDK does not process that). 

Attached Files
.rdk   G12-setIO-call-Job.rdk (Size: 1.3 MB / Downloads: 188)

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