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Problem With Post Processor


I have two issues : 

1-after updating ROBODK to 5.2.2, I can't anymore Add/Edit the Post Processor from the Program menu. 

2- for Staubli TX2-160L Robot/ Post Pro.:Staubli VAL 3
When I send the generated program to the robot,  I become always the error "Invalid Library".

Please see the Photo!

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The Fehler message is:

"Fehler in line 15. The library is not available."

when I checked the generated program, I didn't found that library (tool date), and also there is no path called (saveChangeTool).

Any ideas !!
You'll find the dependency here:

You may need other dependencies if you use your Stäubli robot for robot machining. I recommend you to contact Stäubli for these tools.

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