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Problem to test a program with RoboDK on real UR10e Robot

Hello guys,

i would like to test my program on the UR10e robot. Every time i want to load my program on the UR10e, this error message appears (sceenshot, permission denied). The UR10e is connected, i use the postprocessor "Universal_Robots_URP", roboDK v5.4.3, python 3.7.3. I installed roboDk as an admin.

The funny thing is that i can generate a script file from my "Hauptprogramm4". The next step would be to call "Hauptprogramm4" in Prog4 ( call "Hauptprogramm4") and send it to the robot. Do you have any idea to solve the problem?

With kind regards,


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.py   Gefä (Size: 7.5 KB / Downloads: 239)
.py   Vorwärtskin_Rückwä (Size: 5.16 KB / Downloads: 264)
.py (Size: 10.46 KB / Downloads: 235)
.rdk   PoseMatrix_BASIS9.rdk (Size: 3.89 MB / Downloads: 260)
.stl   45_Grad_Blech_5mm_speziell2.stl (Size: 884 bytes / Downloads: 232)
You may need to start RoboDK as an Administrator (not just install RoboDK as an administrator).

Also, you can try a different path to generate your programs, such as your Desktop or some folder in your user space. You can change this setting in Tools-Options-Program.
I tried a different path and it worked!! Thank you Albert!

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