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Problem while generating the robot script

Hi, I was trying to generate the program while it pop out the message down below.

Failed to generate program "Prog1" using the Post Processor "Staubli_VAL3"
Post processor path:/Users/jacob/RoboDK/
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/private/var/folders/cn/n9_8qs8s4d1b52jcw7wc525h0000gn/T/", line 42, in
File "/private/var/folders/cn/n9_8qs8s4d1b52jcw7wc525h0000gn/T/", line 39, in make_program
File "/Users/jacob/RoboDK/", line 439, in ProgSave
foldersave = getSaveFolder(folder, 'Save program as...')
File "/Users/jacob/RoboDK/", line 236, in getSaveFolder
import tkinter
ImportError: No module named tkinter

Process output:
Total instructions: 5
Total instructions: 5

Python Post Processor process exit code: 1

It seems that there are some problem in the post processor and I can't find anything related to "tkinter" in "Conternts" so far.
I am running RoboDK on a Mac and the robot I'm using is Staubli a RX160.

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