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Problem with execute Python script

I have a strange issue with execute python script. For exemple I used "WeldOn" script for my welding simulation and when I use "CALL" instruction nothing happend, but when I use "RUN" instruction then it works. In script desription is written that I need to use "CALL" instead. Is something change in new version (I use RoboDK 5.01) or maybe is some bug at my RoboDK?

Best regards,
Hi Piotr,
Can you provide the RoboDK project file?
I believe both Call (blocking call) and Run (non blocking call) should work.
Hi Albert,
Now it works, but sometimes I need to execute macro manualy first by double click on it. I don't know what depend that but at now it looks fine so I will tested more, if I have any more trobule I will ask. Thank you for reply.

Best regards,

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