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Problem with generated programs for Yaskawa Motoman

i use motoman SIA 10D with DX100 as controller. i have apt file, i got it from fusion. and i imported it to robodk and succeeded to simulate it. and then, i use post processor motoman and generate the program. roboDK generated 3 programs. all of the programs success to import the pendant exept 1 program. i tried with new reference position in roboDK and generated it again, yet, 1 of the programs still cannot import and pendant always show error 3190 [4]. in the manual, error 3190[4] is about record on the position data section is wrong for the format.
fyi, i always successfully import the program from roboDK with a similar configuration around one or two months ago. however, right now it dont

do you have any idea about my problem?

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.jbi   lapp10.JBI (Size: 144.39 KB / Downloads: 36)
.jbi   lapp102.JBI (Size: 121.46 KB / Downloads: 43)
.jbi   M_lapp1.JBI (Size: 191 bytes / Downloads: 36)
Which one of the 3 programs is giving you issues?
Did you properly enter the pulses/degree ratio of your Motoman robot?
Did you properly update the joint limits of your real robot in RoboDK?
the program lapp102 give me the issues.
about the pulses/degree ratio and joint limit, i dont change any setting about that and let it on default setting.

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In this case I would review the joint limits, or try to split the program that is giving you issues into smaller programs to better narrow the line that is giving you issues.

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