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Problem with real robot when using MoveL command

Dear everybody, I hope you are all doing well.

I am writing a code allowing me to move a Staubli TX-2 90 robotic arm, controlled by a CS9 controller.
I have selected the proper PostProcessor of course.

Within the code, I use the MoveJ command to move the robot between various poses.
When I use RunMode 1 (simulation), everything runs correctly, even though the motion between various poses are not linear. The movement is well-performed also on the real robot.

Problems come when I use MoveL. The simulation on RoboDK performs the movements of MoveL correctly; and the MoveL_Test command reports 0 (meaning that the linear motion between the two positions is feasible); but when I try with RunMode 6 (run on robot), the robot does not move. More precisely, the simulation on RoboDK performs just the first movement, but when it realizes that the real robot has not moved, it stops.

I would like to perform motions using MoveL. Does anybody have the same issue or similar?



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