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Problem with synchronizing a gantry robot with 4 external axes

Hello guys,
I have created a 2-axes gantry and connected 4 linear actuators to its flange as shown in the attachment. Then, I tried to sync 2axis gantry to 4 actuators but for some reasons, 2-axis robot is not recognized as a "robot" by roboDK to sync! Any idea how to resolve this issue?

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Hello again,
Since nobody replied to my post, I tried to look more into details and I noticed a few things:
If I create auxiliary axis (whether 1DOF or 2DOF) and save it as a robot, I cannot sync it in RoboDK with my main mechanism (a 2DOF TBOT).
However, if I create a robot with 3 or more DOF and save it as a robot file, for this case, I can sync it in RoboDK with my main mechanism ( a 2DOF TBOT).
1. My first question is why 1DOF or 2DOF extenral axis cannot be synced while 3 or more DOF can be synced?
2. Even for the case of 3DOFs or more, I can only sync one robot (with 3 or more DOF) to my main mechanism. Is this a license issue or API is needed?

I am using an academic licence.
You should use a robot arm as the main robot. Not a mechanism.

When you select an industrial robot as the main robot you should be able to add/synchronize custom mechanisms to the main robot (3 axis each or a maximum of 12 total axis combined).


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