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Problem with the SRC(KUKA) file

my name is niko and i ´m working with robodk since last week and i like the software. i have a problem with my .src files for the robot.
when i load the program on my KUKA control there are several errors. in attachment you can find the src file.
Robot: KR 210 2700 extra
KRC4 8.3.33
i choose the KRC4 post processor

thank you for your help:-)

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.src   testrechteck.src (Size: 2.8 KB / Downloads: 635)
Hi there, can you tell us what kind of error you get?
I imagine that the errors are shown on the teach pendant.

You can also test using the KRC2 post processor, it should work on the KRC4 controller as well.

Have a great day.
thank you for your fast help. i think there is a problem with the "loop" and the "setrpm" command.
in attachment you can fnd the error list.

thank you very much!

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I recommend you to try the KUKA KRC2 post processor.

Also, RoboDK automatically creates program calls for you to integrate with machining spindles (I assume you are using the robot for robot machining). If you want to remove or customize these calls (SetRPM, SetTool, etc.) you can modify it in the Program Events section. 

You can also skip generating program calls using this setting:
  • Tools-Options-Program-Skip program calls that don't exist in the station

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