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Program a robot to follow target position/velocity/acceleration


I am trying to program the motion of a parallel robot in the free space using RDK.

My question is: Is it possible to program the robot to follow a profile defined by vectors of target positions, target velocities, and target accelerations according to time? Given that the target positions/velocities/accelerations are continuous and smooth and the time step is small (let say 0.001s).

For example, the target profile is:
Time(s)    Position(m)   Velocity(m/s)   Acceleration(m/s^2)
0.001        p1                   v1                      a1
0.002        p2                   v2                      a2
...             ...                    ...                      ...

Thank you very much and I am very appreciative if anyone can give me some hints/links explaining how to do it.

Best regards,


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