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Program export failed (no matter what post)

Hi RoboDK family.

I'm new to this forum, so forgive me if I ask noob questions. 

Since the search tab did not give any results, I opened this new thread. 
All of a sudden (after looking at the posts to search for predefined robot speed value settings), my RoboDK installation refuses to export programs. To be clear: I did not change anything in the posts since I did not find any Speed presets as written in the help-file. But, since then, the export fails on this installation. When open the same .rdk file on another computer, the export works. Maybe something has changed since I looked at the posts.

I already tried a new installation of RoboDK but nothing changed. Copying the RoboDK/Posts folder from another installation did not help either.

I would really appreciate your help as I would need to present to the customer soon.
Thanks a lot in advance, Reto.

20221220 10:29 CET: Update: Export seems to work, but absolutely slow! It took my CAD-Notebook 7 minutes to create 67 lines of code!
20221220 10:42 CET: Update 2: It very depends on what network my Notebook is connected to. Is the program generation depending on Network port settings or some other Network issues??
What version of RoboDK is giving you issues?

Can you provide us with the RDK file you are using to export your programs?

What are the specifications of your computer?
Hi Albert. Thanks for catching up.
Computer Specs: Intel® Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz - 16.0 GB RAM - Windows 10 Enterprise 22H2 - 64-Bit Processor
RoboDK Version: 5.5.3 (64 Bit) - Before it was 5.5.2 64 Bit
I'll send you the rdk file by email as it contains sensitive data.
Computer Specs addition:
Graphics card: NVidia Quadro T1000, Driver 472.08
Computer model: HP Z-Book
Hi Albert. Enclosed a setup showing the same export issues in my Notebook without sensitive datas. I'd like to export to KRC4 or KRC4 Spline. Thanks for any support.

Attached Files
.rdk   Setup widen BIW export problem.rdk (Size: 1.37 MB / Downloads: 141)
This is a very strange issue for a program so small. I'm unable to reproduce this issue. It could be related to a corrupt RoboDK or Python install.

Can you check if you have enough disk space?
Can you try reinstalling RoboDK with Python?
I will follow up tomorrow. But yes, i installed RoboDK and Python newly but, snice it's a company computer I need to install it within C:\Programs\ and not on C root. Free disk space is 10%.
Hi Albert. I really appreciate your support.
Neither deinstallation from the uninstall program and new installation, nor uninstalling and installing python does help.
The export is still working very slow and the "generating program" windows stay without movement of the bar for minutes for a program that has 10 teachpoints to be exported.

And maybe I repeat myself. Changing from company LAN to free WLAN (not company secured) let me export the file much faster (within 20 seconds, what is still too long for 60 line code program). Python then creates a peak in CPU load when looked at the RoboDK tasks in the task manager.

When switching to my company LAN again, nothing happens (or nothing is noticeable happens) when exporting the same program and all tasks within the RoboDK runtime stay at 0%.
I don't get it. Python is installed as Python37 within the RoboDK folder and RoboDK is installed within "C:\Program files\RoboDK".
Are you still experiencing issues?

If you go inside RoboDK click on the menu Help -> Request support we can create a support ticket to help you on the troubleshooting.
Mention my name and we can schedule a videocall to go over your issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Hi Alex. Update: I installed Python 3.10 via Microsoft store as it was the only option available and recognized by Windows.
I also changed the Python location in RoboDK Settings to the apps folder the 3.10 Version is installed.
Now Python also runs from Visual Code and it stucks at Line 53 in the saying "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'robodk'"

If I use the built in KUKA Postprocessor, the export works within seconds.
But the export still lacks when using one of the editable KUKA Posts that I can choose from, e.g.: KUKA_KRC4_SPLINE or KUKA_KRC4_SLOW (located in RoboDK\Posts).

Initially I wanted to use the SPLINE Program for my adhesive application trial.

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