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Program generation with the RoboDK API

Our customer asked the following question and I hope you can help me.

a. When we make a program using Python, Can each brand(UR, ABB, TM etc.) be converted into a robot program and downloaded?

b. ABB, Kawasaki use variable type data, and whether variables are added automatically?

c. In the case of Hyundai and Yasukawa, address types such as P and I variables are used, but whether they are automatically entered in each address or not.

d. There are various commands used by each brand (Syncvel, mvwait, xmove, etc.) Can these commands be used?

e. Whether Hyundai robots are added(There are only few robots low payload)

f. Whether worker visualization is possible or not.
Post processors handle program generation for your robot controller and RoboDK will automatically create the syntax required by your controller to create the simulated movements.

Each post processor has parameters that allow you to customize the program output depending on the robot controller. For example:
  • For Universal Robots you can have movel or movep for linear moves. You can also generate URP and/or script programs with different post processors.
  • For ABB you can generate targets on the same move line or generate them as variables (different post processors).
  • For Yaskawa/Motoman you can generate targets using pulse data or pose data. Note that pulse data requires providing the pulses/degree ratio.
  • For KUKA you can have the Linear movements as LIN, SLIN or SPL commands.
You'll find more information about post processors and how to customize them here:
Our post processor editor helps you easily customize the output for each controller using the user interface.

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